Advancing Equity & Justice for All

YMCA of Greater Seattle

The YMCA of Greater Seattle’s mission has long focused on helping young people live their healthiest lives to reach their full potential in spirit, mind, and body. Over the last two years, the loss of normalcy caused by Covid-19 created a lack of structure, routine, and social isolation, which coupled with a national reckoning with social injustice and racial disparities contributed to dramatic declines in health and well-being for youth. This is especially true among Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), and other historically marginalized youth. 

There is great need in our communities, and we need your help. Join us this year to advance equity and justice for all through whole person health for young people.

When you invest in the Y, you are supporting the healing and recovery process from the trauma of the past, and mitigating both the immediate effects and long-term disruptions to whole person health, well-being, and quality of life for youth. Your gift today, ensures that those who need us most have access to quality programs, activities, and facilities.   Learn More:

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