2019 YMCA of Greater Seattle Annual Fund Drive

Bertschi First Grade Boys

When you donate to your YMCA, you’re investing in your community. Your support provides a place full of opportunities for kids to develop into smart, resilient adults, for people to improve their health and build a sense of community, and for our most vulnerable young people to get the care and support they need.

Beyond this place lies a cause: providing opportunities for all to strengthen community, giving people hope for a better future, and the means to achieve it.

Addressing Critical Local Needs

Developing Smart, Resilient Youth
Your support prepares the next generation of kids to be successful adults.

Thanks to the support of caring donors like you, the Y is able to provide programs for our community’s youth from birth to graduation and beyond—no matter what their families’ financial situations may be.

In Y programs, kids develop the courage to try new things, the resilience to try again when they fail, social skills to make friends and keep them, and values like compassion, generosity, honesty, respect for diversity, and social responsibility.

Enhancing People's Health & Building Community
No one knows kids and communities better than the Y.

The Y is where community happens. In neighborhoods and towns across King County, the local Y is where people of all ages come together to laugh, learn, exercise, and build their sense of collective purpose and connectedness.

From the banking executive to the stay-at-home parent, the retired teacher to the cancer survivor, we give everyone the opportunity to live healthier lives, with donor-funded scholarships and sliding scale fees to ensure that the Y opportunities are open to all. 

Caring for Vulnerable Young People
You drive the Y’s work to help youth and young people who need us the most.

As a charitable organization, the Y is deeply committed to serving the greater good. And, thanks to you, we are making a profound difference in people’s lives. We provide thousands of meals to hungry kids, safe, stable environments for foster youth and their families, and positive role models and opportunities to learn and work for at-risk and homeless youth.

Thank you for your support!


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